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WELCOME to Corporate University Research (CUR) - Studies suggest that CEOs have three major concerns - "Growth and innovation ... technology disruption ... and finding and developing the best talent." For most companies that means - a culture that promotes continuous innovation, a great talent strategy and a world-class learning organization

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Creating More Agile Organizations

Corporate University Research helps companies create more agile, innovative and competitive organizations. We partner on the development of competitive talent strategies and organizational design decisions. We train teams on innovation and collaboration skills and support the creation of learning and development programs needed to sustain a culture of innovation.

Designing Signature Events:

The most innovative organizations have a common mindset about value creation and collaboration. Signature Events are special programs that transmit your unique value proposition, business culture and innovation mindset to your employees and suppliers. They can include special training programs for all employees, a rite-of-passage leadership experience or an annual innovation tournament. We help design and develop Signature Events and work with your organization on managing business transformation and culture change.

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Developing A Culture of Innovation

Innovative companies need to develop leadership skills at all levels to support and sustain the right behaviors. Our training programs help leaders understand the six key practices for sustaining innovation. We provide case materials and exercises that help leaders avoid a "culture of fear" and provide insights into the "levers of control" they can use to build, develop and sustain an innovation mindset. We provide custom design services to make the programs more personal and the experience more powerful.

Skills for Collaboration and Value Creation:

Innovation in the 21st century is about co-creation and collaboration - often with partners and suppliers. We teach the mutual gains approach to collaboration and negotiation. How do you prepare for negotiations? How do you think of ways to increase value-creation? How do you work with colleagues and partners on common goals? How do you satisfy key needs and build sustainable agreements?

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TOP5 LEARNING: CUR's Research & Publishing Division

We conduct research on thought leadership and key trends in learning, innovation and business transformation. We maintain a database of thousands of publicly traded companies that are updated annually. We scan world markets for new ideas to inform our recommendations and the design of signature events and custom training scenarios.

Assess Your Learning Organization:

We provide research-based assessments of your internal learning, development and innovation practices. We can assess your current practices and establish baseline behavior and performance gaps. Our Corporate University Assessment includes 12 dimensions based on research with hundreds of companies. Our understanding of world markets and best practices allows us to offer insights in developing talent strategies unique to your industry, employee and customer base.

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